Fortunate Laminate Flooring Ideas

Many people would like natural wood or stone floors but due to the expensive costs may be put off. There is another alternative however, it is possible to use DuPont laminate flooring which can imitate wood and stone designs. This can be installed over the top of existing floors without having to remove it. It is very flexible and is available in many different colors, styles and designs you will be sure to find a DuPont laminate floor which suits your needs.

DuPont laminate floor comes in panels which can be locked together. This makes it a very popular product with DIY enthusiasts as it is very easy and quick to install. If installing this over the top of existing flooring then you should make sure that the existing floor is stable and in good condition.

This flooring product is available in many different designs, this is why it is so popular. By installing laminate flooring you can get the look of a very expensive flooring product at a fraction of the cost.

Typical Installation Is Quick And Easy

It’s not very difficult to install DuPont flooring by yourself, most applications do not require any glue as the panels snap lock together. This is the same no matter whether you choose stone designs or wooden designs. If you are installing this flooring product over the top of a concrete floor then you will need to install plastic sheeting in order to prevent the damp causing any damage to your floor.

You should fit imitation wood flooring so that it runs parallel to the windows, this is only a rough guide and it will actually depend on your personal preference and layout of the room. You should start laying the floor at one row at a time alongside the longest wall. This will allow you to easily keep the floor panels square. If you are laying a floor in a room larger than 1,000 square feet then you should leave gaps so that the floor is able to expand and contract.

The floor can be cleaned using a damp mop and soft brush, you shouldn’t use abrasive cleaners as this will damage the finish of your Columbia floor. You should be careful not to get the floors too wet as this can cause the panels to swell and expand.

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